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Typical Customer Requests


“I need you to shop for my groceries on a weekly basis from Supermarket xyz, I will mail you my list for this week”

Mrs.Jennifer. B, Dehiwela.

“I’m on an overseas assignment for 3 months and my parents are quite old and find it very difficult to do their weekly purchases. Could you please take care of their  requirements if I mail you the list?”

Mrs.Rita.S, Kohuwela.


“Could you pay and pick up an order of item 2 - mixed fried rice, item 45 - chicken tikka and item 12 - raita from XYZ restaurant?”

Ms.Natasha.W, Bambalapitiya.

“Please pick up a beautiful bouquet of flowers worth around 2500/ and deliver it to Ms. XYZ tomorrow morning by 10.30 am”

Jeramy P, Thalawathugoda.


“I’m at a meeting in office and my painter at home informs me that he has run short of paint, the house has to be ready by tomorrow for a function. Could you please purchase and deliver 4 liters of XYZ brand brilliant white emulsion ?”

Pravin, Moratuwa.

“We have to leave for the airport in an hour and we have run out of baby diapers, can you please get a pack of XYZ brand size 8-13 XL and deliver?"

Mrs. M.Peter, Rajagiriya

That’s what Urban Rush VIP is all about…

In today’s hustle and bustle world, time is everything. With the limited time in hand, balancing a job and the home can be quite a challenge.

A chore like visiting the grocers for your weekly shopping or requiring a critical item like a tin of paint in an emergency can be equally challenging. Your limited time, transport & fuel expenses, travel time, traffic chaos, noisy impatient crowds and parking just adds to the stress. Now! you could just call and relax.

Our service areas

All it takes is a call

So, sit back and relax while Urban Rush VIP efficiently takes a load of your feet by purchasing, picking up and delivering your personal items with care and affordable efficiency.

Hotline: 011 2 513 513

Business hours

  • Open daily and Poya holidays except Sundays.
  • First Phone order will be taken at 9.00am and the last order at 9.00pm

Odering Procedure

  1. Indicate your preffered vendor or check out our registered vendors on our web site .
  2. Select your item/s and call our Hot line 011 2 513 513
  3. Quote your membership number and place your order. UR VIP purchases and delivers your monthly grocery list on your behalf from specified supermarkets along with the preferred brands to anything such as meal orders / take out from any restaurant including hardware items, stationery etc. except for liquor, cigarettes and medication drugs without a prescription.

How do I make payment for my purchases?

You will be able to make payment either by cash or credit/debit card at the point of delivery. For bills below Rs. 5000/- a fee of Rs. 300/- would be levied. Above Rs. 5000/ and upwards, a delivery charge of Rs. 500/- will be levied.

Typical example

If it is a supermarket order, an email can be sent to us in which the member customer should be specific about the items & choice of supermarket , along with the preferred brands, quantities and so on. We will then make the purchase on behalf of the customer and deliver it as soon as possible.

Who are we?

Urban Rush VIP (meaning Very Important Person and Very Important Package) is a boutique style
purchase, pick up and delivery service that serves a growing membership within a specific zone (See overleaf).
Our efficient teams of trained delivery specialists will respond to your call and act on the requirement courteously and fast.
We will even give you constant updates on the status of your order via SMS.

Help desk

This 24 hour service is available for members to obtain information about our special offers, delivery schedules, service areas and other service information.

Conditions of service

The Urban Rush VIP service is subject to terms and conditions.

Weight limitation

Only items weighing up to 10 kilograms per piece will be accepted. Cubic volume of the item should not exceed 5 cubic feet. Please check with our Help Desk for more details.

Leave us your email address to know more!